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Write a hit country song
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Herb Hartley

Tue Sep 22, 2015
Country : Country General
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 2   (68,877 songs currently listed in Country)
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I get so damn tired of punching that clock and working for the man all day
I've said it once or twice I'm tired of being nice, there's got to be a better way
My paycheck doesn't quite stretch that far, the weekends come and go
Beans and rice and rice and beans, my bank account's way too low.

All those country girls are looking so fine at the barn dance out in the woods
The pickup trucks are all lined up with chrome ornaments on the hoods
There's a keg on ice and the bands playing loud, we're gonna party all night long
Good God almighty I just had an idea, I should write a hit country song

I'm gonna write a hit country song, have everybody singing along.
I'll have money rolling in, BMI will be my friend
Hanging out with the country stars, I'll be a hero in the honky tonk bars
This really shouldn't take too long, I'm gonna write a hit country song

Writing words that just don't rhyme, I have a hard time keeping time
My guitar's got a broken string, and some folks say I can't sing.
But that don't really matter much, I believe I have that magic touch
Turning black vinyl into gold...what you mean I'm too damn old?