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Main Members of HGMB
Dat Boi Tk
Shawt T
Why this name?
Home Grown-Born and raised but if not born in the Metro than was raised in the Metro of South Carolina. Metro also stands for "Man Enough To Rule Others". HG!! MB!!
Do you play live?
Yea we play live at Hood Parties or any club we can get our shine on. Mr. Bs is one of them. Mane we don't like it! We Love It! Thats an automatic feeling.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
DAT BOI TK: Its a BIG HUGE change because now people ain't really gotta go actually buy the cd. They can just download or upload or whateva it onto their Mp3 or computer and burn and there you go. They can just sit on their ass and get the underground or mainstream Muzik right there in their Crib. And of course they want it on their Mp3 because they can take it around and its smaller than a cd player and holds too many damn songs. Ay thats what I think. By the way check out some muzik to download at Soon we'll have our muzik on there for sell too.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yea if they mouthpiece is working right!
Your influences?
Tupac, T.I. & P$C, UGK, Dirty, Piazo from South Cack, and alot more.
Favorite spot?
Everywhere but you can catch us in the MET! SC that is.
Equipment used:
FL5 and some other stuff.
Anything else...?
Ay mane If you are in the Columbia area then you can find our cd at the Columbia Mall at Magic City. Soon there will be other areas in the mall where you can find them at and stores around the city. You can find us on WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HGMB too. Either that or we gon smack you in your face with a Cd!

"Business Man Hustla's Mentality Iz What I'm Workin' Wit/ Sell Da Product Make Da Profit Then I Go And Reup Some Shit"-Dat Boi TK

"Did Alot Of Wrong Now Itz Tyme To Get Right/ But Doin Wrong Alwayz Seem To Keep My Pockets Tight/ Makin' Muzik Wit Da Squad Tryin To Reconstruct Da Way Of My Lyfe/ But Ain't No Button Fo Rewind So I Stay In Da Fight!!-Gino:(

Nationall Godz & G7!!

CONTACTS: 803-312-2113

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