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blue shivers
NEWS   BLUE SHIVERS gets your nerves HOPPING!
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BLUE SHIVERS is an electronic insdustrial ROCK designed to get your head shaking, your booty moving and yer body groovin with heavy beats, sonic spices and metaphysicaly designed grooves to leave the listener affected for life and with a new appreciation for all that is same.
Why this name?
it came upon a midnight dreary, weathered and worn, a cackle of a crow brought forth words that shook upon our trees and gave light to a new madness, a new sound, that enriched our lives and gave new meaning to waking up, to breathing, to being all and everything at one time and to experience new levels of sanity insanity alike....
Do you play live?
in south florida and its always a GAS
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it give us new reaches, removes boundaries and lets us inspire a whole new world forevermore......
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if the cash & terms are right
Band History:
second: the Electric tantrum band 2000-2001
third: the tad sharpe band 2001-2004
Your influences?
nine inch nails, mannfred mann earth band, rick wakeman, edgar winter, georgia satelites, specials, rolling stones, mc5, dc3, tone loc, coolio
Favorite spot?
san francisco
Equipment used:
korg prodigy, mms10 and electribe
Anything else...?
kawaii m1 & m3r, yamaha dx100, lots of loop libraries
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