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Dirty Patches
NEWS   Dirty Patches NEWS december 2005

First off... BARK aka Mattias Nihlen (VED, Testbild!, Captain Carpet, theMLF, theUWB) is just rounding up the first of two dirty patches long players. Patch A (BARK) is a mix of bouncy dripping beats, Gong like songs and pure noise, available Jan 2006. Next Mattias will be working on Patch G (VED) which will be a much slower and ambient affair, release date unknown as yet.

Also available towards the end of January is Patch B from Phooey (the Music Liberation Front Sweden, the Ultra Wide Band, Sleeping Flies and Babalu) and his long awaited solo disc. A blend of dirty blips and crunches, dirty beats and rounds of crushing feedback, pretty insane stuff.

Plus we are also pleased to say at long last Penny Chaser the good looking half of Immigrant is recording her first studio LP in Malmo Sweden. Out soon! : Patch C

Also planned for early spring is a new record by New York superhero SS Oden and the first dirty patches compilation, of which are proud to say we are getting some cracking tunes on it for you. To start off with, Section 25 of Factory records fame, Alf Hardy (Paradog, Hawkwind, Spectrum, Experimental Audio Research), Agaric aka techno producer Patrik Skoog from the great We Are Records, plus excusive and unreleased tracks from the Music Liberation Front Sweden, SS Oden, Penny Chaser, VED, Immigrant, Anton, Phooey and the Curiously Strong Peppermints our latest finding from Minneapolis.

Dirty Patches 2006 :

Patch A : VED : 01/06
Patch B : Phooey : 01/06
Patch C : Penny Chaser : TBA
Patch D : SS Oden : TBA
Patch E : A Dirty Compilation : TBA
Patch F : The Music Liberation Front : TBA
Patch G : VED : TBA
Patch H : The Curiously Strong Peppermints : TBA
Scott Supreme
New School
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dirty patches born out of the ashes of the ultra wide band and the electronic watusi boogaloo recording company is based around retro-future minimalism, honest kraut-punk attitudes and pure experimentalism whether it be beat generated or just pure feedback. always open for new ideas, different ways off looking at things but also looking back at the past to discover great forgot techniques and sounds. enjoy dirty listening enjoy dirty patches.

The Music Liberation Front Sweden, SS Oden, Penny Chaser, VED, Immigrant, Anton, Phooey, the Curiously Strong Peppermints, BARK, Agaric mfl.
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