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Dirty Mocassin Crew
'The Baddest' live @ Froggy's Bar
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12/29/10 @ 02:33 PM     post a comment
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DMC performing 'The Baddest' live at Froggy's Bar in Pine City, MN
Cartier Cold
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The Dirty Mocassin Crew is our local family that's been chillin for years before, and years to come. Hit us up and let's party ya'll!
Why this name?
Since we are all Native American we chose the Mocassin part because it's in our heritage, and Dirty just because that's how we do it!!! and we are the CreW so that's how we got the Dirty Mocassin Crew
Do you play live?
Yes, we do. We are available for booking NOW! Every moment live is special for us!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps out Greatly. Simply because it helps get you exposure. And, that's how you get to be known! Plus, it's a digital world out here now, time to get with the times, ya feel me!?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
The Dirty Mocassin Crew has been recording for a while now, since at least 2002. We've currently hit the studios hard and have an album waiting to come out. We do live performances now so if you would like booking info, send me an e-mail!
Your influences?
All Hip Hip and R&B.
Favorite spot?
Hinckley, MN
Equipment used:
Cool Edit Pro. Wal mart.
Anything else...?
check us out!
Jon "Benji" Buchanan
Gordy "G Money" Davis
The Crew
The Crew
The Crew
Jon "Benji" Buchanan
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