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play hi-fi  movie star
play hi-fi  Treading Water
play hi-fi  dark days
play hi-fi  flyin high
play hi-fi  midnight
play hi-fi  aug.14.07
play hi-fi  You ain't heard.
play hi-fi  Hittin Skins
play hi-fi  dont get me started
play hi-fi  yes indeed
born in Brooklyn N.Y., New York. to Haitian and Dominican parents, Mr_Thraz was later raised in Newark N.J.(The Brick City) where he developed his swagger and rhyme style.

after a brief stint in the army, Mr_Thraz settled in Austin Texas to start his music career.

he now produces for himself, akasha ent., and does freelance production work.
Why this name?
Mr. Thraz, is short for Mr. Patrick W'iyr Thrasybule
Do you play live?
i'll be where your at soon
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it opened the door to new methods of distribution. now all we need is a new way to count sales, other than soundscan
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
the streets of Newark, n.j.

Muhammed Ali.
Favorite spot?
Newark, n.j.
Equipment used:
fl studio xxl 7, auditon 2.0, ackoff's composer, reason 3, garage band.
J.A.C.K., hydrogen2, rosegarden, ardour, audacity, lmms, terminatorx.

korg microkontrol, Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI, Akai MPD16, Mixman Dm2/Dm2midi, Wmidi/tablet2midi: Wacom tablet, Sansui mx-12 recording mixer, sampson condencer mic. turntable.1
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