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play hi-fi  Its Me Again
play hi-fi  The Heat
play hi-fi  For Tha Luv of U
play hi-fi  Whose Tha King Of Tha Block
play hi-fi  Come N TryMe
play hi-fi  Aye Ma-Tryme, IQ, Miss V
play hi-fi  Who's Hot?
play hi-fi  I'm Back
play hi-fi  Here I come
play hi-fi  Lock & Load
ATTN: Please do not ask us if you can get any beats for free. If we give them out to people, there could be a chance that someone else would want to lease or purchase the same beat and it would be a problem if you are using it. This would be a breach in our contract. Sorry for the inconvinience. This is part of the reason why we put up some beats for free.
Thank You.

Exclusive Rights:($50-100) With exclusive rights you'll be able to use the beat for all profitable commercial and broadcast purposes. This includes albums, compilations, mixtapes, live shows, radio play, websites, TV, etc. Exclusive rights are sold to only one user and cannot be resold or transferred to any other party by BeatAssassin Productions or the purchaser. BeatAssassin Productions retains the production credit rights so BeatAssassin Productions will go in the credits as the producer of the beat. You will recieve a mixed down version of the beat in seperate wav files for further customization by mail(same day delivery as soon as payment is received) and you will also receive the the whole beat in its raw .wav format on cd. Package deals are available for exclusive rights if you buy in bulk. To inquire about exclusive right prices email BeatAssassin Productions at

Leasing Rights:($30-$40) Leasing rights you can use the beat for only ONE profitable commercial or broadcast purpose, you will have a non-exclusive license to the beat. Say you wanted to use a beat for your album that you'll be selling, if you purchase Leasing Rights you will not be able to use the beat for anything except placement on that specific album. That means you cannot use the beat for any other album, no compilations, live shows, radio play, tv, etc. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by BeatAssassin Productions and cannot be resold or transferred to any other party by anyone Productions. Once beat is leased you will recieve by mail the file in its raw .wav format on cd, You can also receive the beat in mp3 format through email as well, if requested. If you are on a lower budget then this is a perfect option, the price is much lower than exclusive rights and package deals are available and always negotiable. To inquire about leasing right prices email BeatAssassin at

Sample Clearance:The artist understands that the producer may have utilized a sample from another artist's recordings, which was previously copyrighted to create the instrumental. The Producer will give the artist full disclosure of the origin of all samples. In the event that the song from the recording is published, utilizing the instrumental, the artist/company (whichever applies) will assume all responsibility for setting the copyright infringement and the Producer will not be liable. If any other information on the artist/song sampled for the instrumental is required, the artist will consult the Producer and will get the information concerning the origin of the samples utilized in the song. In the event that the artist is not able to retrieve the name of a sampled artists from the producer, the artist will be responsible in obtaining the names of any sampled artists/songs and getting the samples cleared. The artist/company (whichever applies) will accept total responsibility for any changes made to the tracks after the producer has delivered the master tracks.
Why this name?
Simple because I murder beats.
Do you play live?
I play the keyboards a little. Actually, I'm taking piano lesson at the moment to furter my skills. I play drum also. I was in the P-SEc in my High SChool Band.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Better oppurtunity to network. Sell your music with the man in the cookie Jar.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I making history at the moment.
Your influences?
To many to mention.
Favorite spot?
Savannah, Ga (C-Port)
Equipment used:
Roland RS-50 for keys
M-Audio B5 Monitors and 1010LT sound Card
MPC 1000
Rode NT2000
Tons of Plug-In
NativeInstruments (KOntakt, Intakt, B4, Battery ,etc)
Waves Diamond Bundle mastering Software
Recycle(Chop the Samples)
Behringer Ultra Gain-PreAmp
Computer Music Magazine for some great tips
Anything else...?
I need you as a audience to understand that when I do beats I'm not try'in to be like the Kanye or Lil Jon, etc. I'm doing what I do best and that's me. When I come up with a beats there is a concept behind it. You must remember that there is the beatmaker and there is the Producer-beatmaker. Don't get it twisted. Many can make beats but can they produce a hit.
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