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NEWS   Phrygia is back into the mix and making music again! Long lapses have finally turned out some fruit, with collaborative and solo efforts. Please check often for more tracks!
New School
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play hi-fi  Lipwich Chipsket
play hi-fi  Flight of the Drunken Yellow Jacket
play hi-fi  Orange Crush #4 - Revisited
play hi-fi  I'm Ready
play hi-fi  Ridonculous
play hi-fi  Down
play hi-fi  Speechless Pre-Master
play hi-fi  Perforated Envelope C
play hi-fi  Marble Skull
play hi-fi  Make Out Mansion
Phrygia creates diverse sonic atmospheres that spark creative thought, enabling the listener to further their efforts through aural stimulation. Within the music, we wish to propel you to another dimension of sound and thought, where worlds collide in a very abstract yet friendly atmosphere of knowledge and sensibility.
Why this name?
Phrygia = God of Chaos, or the dissonant Phrygian scale, usually denoting chaos. The ancient Phrygian land was historically chronicled as being the place where slaves were found. Upon that premise, we wish to dispel that notion and continue with the original allegory of disturbance and collision.
Do you play live?
Actually, we have a few times. We are more of an enigmatic vestige than an upfront performing troupe. All music is programmed note for note, with the addition of analog drums and guitar throughout.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet and mp3 format has allowed virtually anyone to express themselves. The future is now. We ride this wave with full abandon and wish you to experience Phrygia only in the domain we initially swore to - everything we present is free.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course. All music is available for licensing, and we have a few contracts under our belt.
Band History:
Phrygia formed in October 2000. There is nothing of import regarding why we formed, we simply want to make music that at least someone across the globe can enjoy. If we touch just one person, we did our job.
Your influences?
Muslimgauze, Fourtet, Brian Eno, Bill Laswell, Autechre, Pole, Crash Worship, Wagon Christ, Buckethead, Massacre, Tortoise, Boards of Canada, Pixies, Blonde Redhead, Marconi Union, Residents, Aphex Twin, ISAN, Freescha, freeform, monolake, Praxis
Favorite spot?
Northern Arizona - specifically Oak Creek Canyon and the Mogollon Rim.
Equipment used:
Multiple PCs networked together, M-Audio ProjectMix I/O and Keyboards plus Trigger Finger, Bluebird, Samson and Shure Mics, Line6 PODxT Live, Peavey Guitars, Ovation 12 String Acoustic, Traben Fretless Bass, Ephiphone Dot, Ableton Live, VST Plugins, Native Instruments Apps, Edirol Keyboard, Korg Keyboards and KAOS Pad, Wavelab and Sound Forge, Arturia Standalone Apps, Amplitube2, Ampeg SVX Bass Amp, Fender M-80 Chorus, Raine Mixer, Technics Turntables, Lexicon, Peavey and Behringer Rack Effects, Sony Headphones, Bose sound.
Anything else...?
Please visit these up and coming and in progress sites for more information:

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