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Can you say that in Swahili? (2003)
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02/25/11 @ 12:39 PM     post a comment
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Video clip from out third show, 8 years ago!
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In the 80s , James Arthur Jancik (BLKnight) and Gary Hermann (Squire "G") were in a rock and roll cover band where music, impromptu humor and fun, satirst banter was the theme of the show. Fast forward to 2002. After 15 years of estrangement , Gary stumbles upon James in an Internet search. James was doing a music show on a radio station as "The BLKnight of Talk Radio (tm)" and invited Gary on for a show. Things picked up where they left off years earlier and gave birth to the BLKnight & Squire G Show! Also featuring the lightening quick wit, humor, and characters by comedian Jay "Capone" Steven and the live musical prose by "blues Poet" Don Candu.
Why this name?
A revelation from God ;)
Do you play live?
We have LIVE remote, on-locatio broadcasts of our radio show from time to time... check the website for details
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet, computer recording "studios" and MP3 allows independant artists to write, record, produce, market and distribute their ouw works as never befoire in history.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Thanks to the RIAA, the record lables have become a "we-sign-you-or-you-go-nowhere" facist organization. The question really is, "Will you so what I say and when I say and in return you can have drugs, get women and money until you are no longer marketable, and then we drop you on your head." Many would say yes, anyway. Even though Rock's history are paved with the bones of many smashed in that process.
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