Hollywood Undead (US)
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We're Hollywood Undead and we're from the ghettofabulous streets of LA.
If you're wondering why it's Hollywood Undead (US), it's because Hollywood Undead was already taken unfortunately. Enjoy the music!

Why this name?
straight from Hollywood.
Do you play live?
Not yet, but hopefully in a few months we'll be able to start touring the U.S.
Band History:
Populated by 6 hooligans, the Hollywood Undead began as the brainchild of J-Dog and Tha Producer, two homeless, streetwise scene kids who frequented the Los Angeles club scene. The Hollywood skyline was their shelter. Drinking, thugging, and debauchery were their trademark.

The group got together in June 2005 where there were 7 members in the beginning. Shady Jeff (Who can be heard on Knife Called Lust) left after a few months. Now it's just six guys:

Lyrical Genius - Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker - J-Dog
Loud Mouth - Da Kurlzz
Singer - Tha Producer
African Baritone - Funny Man
The Server - Johnny 3 Tears

Your influences?
HOLLYWOOD California, Designer Jeans, Camo, Cigarettes, Mickies 40's, Pro Tools, Our fans, TATTOOS, Cahuenga blvd, Pla-boy Liquor, ASS, partying, Subway Sandwiches, ballin, Finger Snaps, Scene Hair, Freestyling, HXC, Brassknuckles, clubs and bars....

Favorite spot?