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play hi-fi  This Is ME
play hi-fi  Deep In tha Dark
play hi-fi  Candy Bowl
play hi-fi  X-Mortas
play hi-fi  Anotha Halloween
play hi-fi  Str8 Out Da Dumpster
play hi-fi  Ya Betta Kill ME
play hi-fi  Talkin' Shit
play hi-fi  I Gotta Gun
Whats up muthaf***as. Its 2DIRTE in this bi***. DIRTman tha Gutta Boy. I hope some people check out and feel out my sh*** here. Peep a couple track below and holla back what you think!
Why this name?
Drunk....I was pretty drunk one time.
Do you play live?
Yes I play live. all around the Flint area, I love catchin a buzz and gettin up on the mic. One time I played this house party on Halloween danm near right downtown, we had that sh*** set up outside and it was sooo f***in loud they could hear it INSIDE the bar down the steet, AND NO POLICE SHOWED UP! but then again in Flint they be burnin houses down by the dozens on All Halows Eve so we was the least of they worries.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It Pumped it up, and f***ed it up. See before the internet little guys like me couldn't get they name out if they tried they hardest, I've only sold a few hundred albums, but all over the f***in WORLD! BUT... back in the day the only way you could have been bumpin my sh*** in your car was to cop it from me or a store, not the case any more. you can burn it from a friend or download sh*** online or whatever.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
OH HELL YEH! Make music and not spend countless saturday nights out puttin up fliyers in winter 20 below Flint-town temps? but it would have to be the RIGHT lable and contract.
Band History:
doin this sh*** for 5 years.
top to bottom. Produce, Write, Record, Mix, and try and master cause i aint got 2 G's to pay someone.
Your influences?
Here are some groups to name as your influences if you want to copy all of my influences: 2PAC, ICP, Twiztid, Esham, Blaze, ABK....all them muthaf***as, NIN, Triple Six, D-A-Y-T-O-N A-V-E, Damn near all old Rock and Roll 1970-1996, Al Green, The Temptations, Commadors, Michael Childmolestin-Ass Jackson,NWA, MC Breed, Top Athority, Flint Fharmacy, NATAS, George Clinton and P-funk, R.O.C, King Muthaf***in Gordy, and a whole lot more.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
I know it sounds crazy but FRUITY LOOPS! See its pretty much just a dummy program, if you got some real nice VST's, samples, soundfonts, and plug-in effects, the road is endless. Also Sonar 5, Sound Forge 8, Vegas, CD Architecht and all that. VST wise I got Reactor 5, MOOG Modular, Arp2600 and about a hundred more. Samples, any MPC shit, Sony sound samples, Modern beats, and a bunch i dont know where from. Sound fonts, ANYTHING "EAST WEST" or "SPECTRASONIC", get that shit. It comes GIGA but you can convert it to NKI or SF2 easy. Effects, TRY your hardest to jack a copy of WAVES, but if you cant, Voxengo works great.
Anything else...?
yeah, a large fry and a coke.
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