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play hi-fi  1- Not Ya Typical Rapper/Intro
play hi-fi  2- Who Dat N____
play hi-fi  3- Tha Hood Love Me
play hi-fi  4- Let's Talk
play hi-fi  5- (skit)
play hi-fi  7- Pour It Up (feat: Ch0sen)
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"Cris!s" Offical Music Page

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"I'm Everyone's Boyfriend"

2nd Self-Produced Album from "Cris!s" aka n8 Bailey Produced by Alliance/NMe-Releasing 02/16/2006 DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

1 Not Ya Typical Rapper/Intro
2 Who Dat Nigga
3 Tha Hood Love Me
4 Let's Talk
5 (skit)
6 So Much More
7 Pour It Up (feat. Ch0sen)
8 Heavy (feat. Ch0sen)
9 (skit)
10 Have U Ever (feat. iV)
11 Your My Type
12 One Night
13 Hello (feat. Ch0sen)
14 (skit)
15 So High (feat. Ch0sen, Smitty, and Rico)
16 Hittin It
17 Terror Reign (feat. Alliance)
18 (skit)
19 Outta Contol
20 Over The Weekend
21 Do It To Em (feat: Ch0sen)/Outro

All Tracks from "I'm Everyone's Boyfriend" Produced by: Alliance/NMe/Sam Cuddy

All Tracks Mixed and Engineered for "I'm Everyone's Boyfriend" by: Cris!s and Ch0sen for NMe/Sam Cuddy

"Identity Cris!s"

1st Self-Produced Album from "Cris!s" aka n8 Bailey Produced by Cris!s-Releasing 10/20/2005 DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

1 Who Am I
2 What I've Seen (feat: Ch0sen)
3 Prayer For The Way (feat: Chapp)
4 Timeline
5 Isolation
6 Adoration
7 Right Here
8 Same Thing
9 The Gift Interlude
10 All I Have Left
11 That's The Life
12 Tryin It All Again
13 Our Children
14 Tears of the Heart
15 The Feeling
16 The Usual
17 Save Me
18 Who Are You

All Tracks from "IC" Produced by: Cris!s for NMe

All Tracks Mixed and Engineered for IC by: Cris!s for NMe

Why this name?
Well actaully, my best friend Chris killed himself in 1995 and I felt like when I get on a track it's gotta be like an emergency when I rap. So in dedication of Chris, I renamed myself Cris!s. Get it? RIP man, I love you.
Do you play live?
A lot actually. On stage......talent show veteran...done so many @ school n shit. Man I love the crowd, they get u goin. Performed at a couple clubs and whatnot.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Shit if I kno.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Come on now.....who actually says "no" to that one nigga? Who makes these questions? Damn.
Band History:
Shit, we was jus niggaz wit those dreams became a reality, then the reality becomes an ambition. Let's get em.
Your influences?
Cassidy, Ludacris, Clipse, Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, T.I.
Favorite spot?
Omaha, Nebraska (Home). Live in Dayton, OH now. DYT stand up.
Equipment used:
Nu Movement Recording Group (NMe)/Sam Cuddy Studios
Anything else...?
*The Alliance (iV, Ch0sen, Cris!s) "7 Day Mixtape"- AVAILABLE NOW

*Cris!s/// "IC" Album To Be Announced

*Cris!s/// "I'm Everyone's Boyfriend" Album Spring 2006
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