Darren Zieger
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I am what you might call a musical generalist. I listen to pretty much everything and I compose in pretty much any style, though I concentrate mainly on folk, folk-rock, rock, synth-pop, alternative, comedy, musical theatre, jazz, new-age, film music, avant-garde, and the occasional lullaby (why sing your kid to sleep with "Rock-a-bye Baby" when you can can create something personalized?).

I've done most of my professional (i.e. paid) work in the theatre, where I've been musical director for dozens of productions. I was also musical director of Mental Floss, the legendary Miami improv group, for over 500 performances; I recently did a stint with Laughing Gas, which rose from the ashes of Mental Floss 11 years ago to become the longest running improv group in South Florida.

As a singer-songwriter, I've concentrated most of my energy on my signature style of synth-driven folk-rock (sort of Indigo Girls meets Vangelis). I'm also something of a minor celebrity in the world of Filk (folk music for science fiction fans), where I am proud to be the object of the worlds smallest international fan base.
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