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Sweet Kenny
NEWS   Sweet Kenny:

SweetKenny (Ken Sutton) is now in the studio working on a new cd/dvd. to find out more go to his site at
SweetKenny Graveyard
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to WaterFall Records/SweetKenny

SweetKenny is a solo artist, with influences from everyone, Elvis Presley to Alice Cooper to the Doors. he is now getting back into
his singing career after taking a brake to run his studio WaterFall Records. Ken (SweetKenny) write's all his own lyric's
to his music, and also lays down the foundation for the songs to be recorded ( his idea's ).

" I might come up with a drum beat in my head, or a bass line and just work off from that until it grows. somethings I'll take out and others I'll keep."

Why this name?
I chose the name "SweetKenny" because of my influences in singers. I have a strong influence from Elvis Presley as most of you know, Alice Cooper and The Doors, I know thats a crazy combo but when you put the Three together you have "SweetKenny"
Do you play live?
After along time on the other side of the mixing board and learning new things, I found myself still wanting to perform on stage, so I got to work.
and am just getting things back together, so look for me!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think the internet has helped the industry, change is what we needed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
most indie labels don't have the money to put you out like the majors do, the majors can reach and place you in where and what you want.
Band History:
Kenneth M. Sutton

Kenneth M. Sutton was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 4th, 1961
Ken started his music career when he was 11 years old playing the Drums.
his love of music has started him in Recording and singing when he was 15 years old on a 2-track tape player,
Ken would record himself singing like Elvis Presley and playing the Guitar which he tought himself to play.

Ken Sutton has played with various bands and has written and cowritten' many songs.
Ken has had Radio play in Detroit on WPON 1460 am and Internet Radio.
Ken is now working on Mixing and Mastering, writing Scores for Games, Small Films, and Websites.
He has also been Accepted into Pump Audio, music service.
And Soundfile Productions in LA. Soundfile Productions Inc, has also "Published" many of Ken's songs.

In 1984 Ken started his Recording career on a 4-track tape recorder and recorded for local players in Detroit, things started to work for Ken and he then moved up to an A-dat 8-track recorder. From then on Ken has not looked back and begain Recording on a DAW, starting out with Steinberg's Cubase in 1993 and then moving up to Nuendo, Ken has attended Berklee Music ,and has recived Certification's, in DeskTop Music Productions, Mixing and Mastering in Protools and Music Production.

Ken has recorded and Mastered for artists as:

Benny Lang : Guitar player for The Miracles, The Dramatics, The Temptations and other Motown artists.

Larry Johnson : Singer, Dancer and Actor in Detroit.

Highwater Band : ( Mastered their Cds )

Reverend Robert Sexton AllStar Blues Review Band: ( Mastered their Cd )

Fred Evans : local Detroit Rapper

C- Stacks: Boston Rapper ( Mastered his songs for the radio and Cd )

Barbara Rose Collins ( Detroit City Council Woman ) Radio Spot.

Labyrinth : Detroit Rock Band. ( Ken Sutton )

and many more.........

Ken has also done the Cd and DVD design's for Country / BlueGrass singer, Ray Franks.

Your influences?
Well....I have to say Elvis Presley, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Motown Records and Jerry Reed has had the Most influence on me.

My writting style is all my own
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Reasons software and Protools 7, Waves plug-ins, Live 6. Pinnacle Video Software, Daz Studio 3d, and many others.......
Anything else...?
Hello all,

You want to hear more of me, check me out on these sites:

SweetKenny Album " Raw And Honest "
SweetKenny Album " Jennifer's Box Of Junk "
SweetKenny Album " Perception "
SweetKenny Productions
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