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Welcome to the house of the 2nd mouse

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TM ( logo idea - CHRIS.M / Design - XGIBBO )

Why this name?
two mice fell into a bucket full of cream.
The first mouse struggled for a short while but quickly gave up.
the " 2ND MOUSE " fought so furiously that he eventually churned the cream into butter, and crawled out.

Today , I am that 2nd mouse

( courtesy of "catch me if you can" )

As soon as i heard this , i knew it was perfect symbolism for tenacity and determination , and a description of myself.
I've been using this name for 10 years. It has nothing to do with another dead rodent.
Do you play live?
I'll be playing live within the next 6 months
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its a two edged sword.
On one hand , it gives musicians opportunities to let people worldwide hear their creations.
On the other hand , it gives us an " oversaturation " problem where people with zero musical talent become bedroom DJs , and the net becomes filled with crap , making it hard to find the wheat amongst the chaff.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
make me an offer i cant refuse.
Band History:
I've been making music since about the age of 14 , so thats over 20 years ago.............however , I've been "seriously" making music for about 4/5 years now.
I grew up being a big big fan of depeche mode. It became a natural progression to Detroit Techno and I discovered artists like Juan Atkins / Model 500 , Derrick May , Blake Baxter. After that came more underground stuff such as Dan Curtin, Luke Slater, Jeff Mills , Polygon window/Aphex twin , and most recently Balil/Plaid , Boards of Canada and a lot of independant IDM and electronica from John Tejada , Plone , Frank Martiniq , Vesna , Lucine Icl , Michaela Melian etc.....
If its fresh and experimental , i'll listen to it.

2ndMOUSE is all about attempting to push boundaries and fuse together sounds that were never intended to enjoy the same space , hard and soft , rough and smooth -------- whilst bringing a smile to your face , or , a tear to your eye. Watch this space cos im only gettin started !!
I havent arrived yet.............but ive most certainly left.
Your influences?
I dont really listen to a lot of electronica and I find that keeps my ideas fresh and I'm getting water from my own well.
I listen to everything from opera to Jazz
Favorite spot?
I quite like the spot thats currently forming on my chin.
Equipment used:
F L studio , a cement mixer hardwired to a kenwood food mixer and a HAL9000 with an arsenal of VSTs that would make Bush run for cover.
Anything else...?
Please leave a comment or feedback . Just something to say you were here and you heard , or tell someone else . Feel free to download my stuff ((for your own private use))

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