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Welcome to the home of Filetofsoul.
"music for the mind's eye"...

Featuring music for the upcoming motion picture "JUDEX"



Video clip from the DVD: "The Filetofsoul Project Live At Blackwater Manor" -Recorded LIVE 2007

The Filetofsoul Project:

Michael McNair - Drums

Cary Roberts - Lead Guitar

Tommy Kennedy -
Vocal, Keyboards, Guitar & Bass

* All music is written & produced by
Tommy Kennedy

After outstanding success with internet distribution since the 1990's, the fan response has been overwhelming from literally around the globe! Our most sincere thanks.
We wish you all the best. -TFP

>A speciality of The Filetofsoul Project is motion picture soundtrack composition. One of our top current productions is for the upcoming motion picture, "JUDEX"<

>Please feel free to peruse any tracks and we welcome your response via message board or email.<


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Why this name?
"Filetofsoul" represents emotional energy through the language of music. -To convey emotion into music and on to the listener. Many tracks are impressionistic, -that is to paint a picture for the mind's eye through sound.