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play hi-fi  Vs Defcon 5
play hi-fi  Vs. Darky
play hi-fi  VS Ill~Usionist
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play hi-fi  f*** You Too
My names emcee linc, and, my musics the shit
Why this name?
One Day My Friends Were High...They thought I looked like Link, From Zelda...So I made my name Link wit a C ever since. Iunno why. But I stuck wit it...
Do you play live?
Hell yeh. I done a concert a while back. Had fun at it too, I'm lookin forward to doin it again
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Man, that's a really good question...I always wonder how musicians are gonna make their money now, because all people do is download it off the internet even though CD's are hella cheap. But then again, it makes it easier for artists to get around, sending music back and forth over the net n's fun stuff, I can collab wit skript over in canada now. know wha I'm sayin?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeh as long as they didn't f*** me out of my money, but who doesn't?
Your influences?
Iunno really...I kinda jus say wha's on my mind as far as influence. My life is my influence
Favorite spot?
I jus love my city. Everett.
Equipment used:
I use a blue microphone (yes, that's the brand name, blue) I got a M-audio fire wire 410 amp, I got my pop screen and stand, every thing I need
Anything else...?
Nah, not really, jus enjoi the music, I worked hard on it.
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