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Paul Kington
NEWS   In the process of reworking all my material through Logic Pro software. Many new songs on the way. Watch this space!
Paul on TV
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play hi-fi  Obaa-chan Jiman no Baba Guruma
play hi-fi  He's a Bristol Man!
play hi-fi  Nada SouSou
play hi-fi  Souki Soba (I love Noodles!)
play hi-fi  Ayagu (New Millenium)
play hi-fi  Yestirday
play hi-fi  Chimu ga Nasa Bushi
play hi-fi  Hai! Sai! Ojisan
play hi-fi  Hana
play hi-fi  Bamboo Island (Taketomi Jima de Aimashou)
Paul Kington is a British artist based in Tokyo, majoring on vocals and the revered SANSHIN instrument.
Hey! Megabigthanks for checking out my site. Don't forget to click on the music player if you want to hear my weird and wonderful Snake Banjo from Okinawa. wheeeEEEeee....!

Why this name?
...because there was already a one with that name
Do you play live?
...I do, indeed I do!

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
...Oh for sure. But I'm still figuring out how to work a CD player.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
...Sure! And Bugs Bunny is coming to my house for tea...
Band History:
...Since 1990 I travelled and lived around Europe, Australasia, The Middle East and South-East Asia; got homeless for a while there, too. Also studied Muay Thai in Thailand for a while then I came to Japan in 2000 to teach English.
*************************************************************************** I'd reckon it was my destiny to wind up in Japan so I became a student of Japanese language and vocal arts and graduated from the Tokyo Media Academy in 2003. During my three years as a born again student, I rediscovered myself through traditional music.
Under the instruction of Master Takeshi Hirayasu, I studied the Sanshin and Okinawan music in Tokyo. I had been performing as an independant artist, recording as well as playing live at cafes and other live venues, but now I'm just a done quitter
I also did some TV work here and there and worked on various programmes during the middle of the night when everyone else was sleeping. Well, that's about all I got right now; holy cow...
Your influences?
...Queen, Begin, Iggy Pop, Elvis, the *** pistols, Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult, Green Day, REM, Psychedelic Furs, March Violets, Bing Cosby. Various Okinawan artists. Crayon Shin-Chan,....
Favorite spot?
...the big Yellow one.
Equipment used:
...No Synthesizers! Just a Zoom multitrack right now; I've never owned a computer. I play all instruments; Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Sanshin, Vocals, Keyboard, Bongos and Okinawan Castanets. And I'm only Crap at playing nearly all of them!
Anything else...?