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Cute and fuzzy. Those two words best describe the lovable scamps that make up the band M3aC. Yes, they are just a bunch of bunnies, hopping along the green hillsides of Southern New Hampshire, sniffing flowers, asses, and lines of kool-aid. Smells like someone needs a diaper change. Maybe you should listen to our music, it'll clean you right out.
Why this name?
We chose a name that was taken. We didn't know. The people contacted us, we didn't care, we didn't like the name anyway. So, we took the first letter and added an arbitrary ending that meant nothing. I personally like to think that M3aC stands for "My 3-armed Cousin".
Do you play live?
Yes. That is our bread and butter, the whole reason we even play.
If you make it big..?
we will probably drink a lot and play video games.
Band History:
Byron, Josh, and Danny have been playing together for years in one form or another. They spent their high school years playing music, getting a sound together. Beelzebob moved to New Hampshire from the 7th Layer of Hell (Oklahoma), joined the band, and rounded out the sound, making the groove that is M3aC. For the past year, the guys in M3aC have played out, written songs, and have just gotten to know each other, forming a bond that strengthens their music. The songs on this album are a collaboration of minds, forming a single song from multiple ideas and personalities. M3aC begat the groove and the groove begat M3aC. Listen to us, we like ourselves, maybe you will too
Your influences?
Lenny Kravitz, Kiss, Rock and Roll, Funk, George Clinton, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine, thick bass, soulful vocals
Favorite spot?
My pelvic area
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