good lord giveth
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good lord giveth would like to thank you for viewing this page. we are busy recording our follow-up ep, and plan to have have more music out in a few weeks...
Why this name?
"good lord giveth" is a side project formed by the members of paradigm9 to explore a slightly different sound and compositional style. our band name refers to the inspiration, love, and general goodness of music and people. we would like the band name to envoke a positive feeling.
Do you play live?
we do play live, mostly local, and we enjoy the occasional out-of-town gig. lately, we have been locked in our humble studio, working on new songs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
mp3's and the internet will only help the music industry in the long run. as music lovers gain more access to hard-to-find music, tastes and styles will evolve, and eventually, the major labels will realize that profit margins can only guide "art" for so long... i think most people are starved for more and better music, but may not even realize it exists. hopefully the web will destroy these barriers.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
well, we couldnt answer this question with out more details, but more than likely, no.
Band History:
we are a relatively new band, formed just last year. we look forward to a spring tour (our first) and a new ep (in a few weeks)
Your influences?
we enjoy all music, and our influences are far and wide. in rock, we enjoy more somber acts like low, and yo la tengo... we also enjoy more 'soundtrack' oriented albums like sigur ros' newest album and godspeed you! black emperor.
Equipment used:
our equiptment is mostly basic gear, rhodes piano, trap-set, guitar, bass and embellishments with flute, keyboards and just about everything else!
Anything else...?
thank you kindly for checking us out! more cool stuff found here
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