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Gag Reflex
New School
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play hi-fi  Occupado LIVE
play hi-fi  Captain Arab LIVE
play hi-fi  She Says 'Nucular'
play hi-fi  Little Hillary
play hi-fi  Life Like a DVR
play hi-fi  A Matter of Principal
play hi-fi  Never Love Again
play hi-fi  Until The Vows Come Home
play hi-fi  La Sex with Paul Harvey
play hi-fi  Dribbled In My Dockers
For nearly two decades Gag Reflex Comedy Theater proved itself to be one of Chicago's busiest and best comedy groups. Their wonderful blend of sketch comedy and music garnered praise from critics and fans alike. From their first show, 1993's Jurassic Pork (or Man Is My Dino Sore), to 2009's Pearls Before Swine Flu, Gag has logged hundreds of performing hours and delighted thousands of people. Since their start in 1993 the group produced 3 albums, 13 episodes of an internet radio show, dozens of free mp3 releases and they wrote and performed over 400 sketches and songs.

Always a crowd-pleaser, Gag Reflex was compared favorably to Second City and 70's era Saturday Night Live in newspapers of all sizes from college papers to The Chicago Sun-Times.

As for the music, to quote Copley Press; "Gag Reflex is never better than when they satirize through their songs." Since the beginning Gag Reflex balanced tight sketches with catchy, hilarious songs and the mix always got a wonderful reaction from the audience. Fans came to expect a few musical encores at the end of shows and on several occasions the after show music/party lasted longer than the actual show!
Why this name?
It just came up.
Do you play live?
Not anymore.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We were able to spread our comic-infection like a I'm not really good at those kinds of soundbites. It's cool.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
In a heartbeat.
Your influences?
Monyy Python, Bob and Ray, Weird Al, Firesign Theater, Tom Lehrer, Kids In The Hall, Mr. Show, The Frantics,
Favorite spot?
Quincy, IL