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Bryan David Knight
Let's Go Higher
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10/01/17 @ 08:03 PM     post a comment
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Music video embedded with Bryan David Knight's original song, 'Let's Go Higher' (released by Otter River Records), featuring film footage taken at Seattle Hempfest McWilliams Stage at 4:20
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I perform as a solo artist, singer/songwiter. All of my recordings were recorded, mixed, and produced from start to finish in my home studio. My original songs are somewhat eclectic but I would classify them as mostly Adult Alternative Rock.

Why this name?
Bryan David Knight is a one-man band - so what else would I call myself? Never mind - dont answer that. :-P
Do you play live?
I especially enjoyed performing at Seattle Hempfest with the HERBIVORES, TIM PATE, and other friends from the Seattle area.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Sure makes sharing music easier.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, of course - well, maybe... depends on the deal.
Band History:
World Wide Entertainer
Recording Artist

Bryan David Knight is a music veteren, having performed with over 100 bands thoughout his career. Born in Dallas Texas, Bryan began his formal musical training on the piano at eight years of age. He took up the trombone in school band at ten. In Jr. high School, Bryan was inspired to teach himself guitar and formed his first band, The Unexpected. As a freshman in high school, he took began playing electric bass and helped form a popular local band, Jay Mann Co, laying a foundation for his future onstage performances with multiple instruments. Bryan attended Richland Jr. College 1972-74 while playing trombone with NSA Brass Band in Dallas, Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, and Tokyo.

Relocating to San Antonio in 1975, Bryan played keyboards and guitar full time in numerous local professional bands. He spent 1978-1984 performing with various road bands, including Caper, Hubcap & the Tire Tools, Chris Michaels, and Jerry Waddel while touring through over 40 states. Bryan has performed at such famous venues as the Fountain Blue Hilton in Miami Beach, as well as Maxim's, Circus World, and The Sahara in Las Vegas. He has shared the stage with over 100 bands and artists during his career, including Herb Albert, The Smothers Brothers, Donna Fargo, and The Drifters.

Bryan David Knight initiated a successful solo career in 1984 by developing an innovative one-man band, Knight Flight, using only vocals, keyboards, and a drum machine. This instrument configuration provided Bryan with the means to deliver a truly versatile and electrifying live performance to delighted audiences with a repertoire of over 400 cover songs from multiple genres.

Bryan's Knight Flight (one man band) became a duo in 1996 by adding female vocalist and keyboardist, Kathryn Forester. After performing across the USA from coast to coast, Bryan and Kathryn toured 23 countries and island nations including the French Riviera, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, and Japan. The Knight Flight duo crewed and performed for 6 months on the fabulous 5-star tall masted cruise sailing ship, The Windsurf. Bryan's band also lived and worked on Okinawa, Japan at the 5-star Manza Beach Hotel - host to the 2000 G8 summit.

Presently, Bryan performs occasionally at large Northwest festivals and events with recording artists/friends such at The Herbivores and Tim Pate, and has retired from performing and touring with cover bands to focus on songwriting, recording, and producing. Bryan's original song, Sunny Sunday Afternoon was showcased last year at the celebrated Cannes Midem Music Festival. Currently, Bryan resides in the mountains near Seattle Washington.
Your influences?
Almost any 60's- 80's Rock & Roll bands, especially the Beatles and the Doors. Chicago, Byrds, Crosby Stills and Nash, Blood Sweat and Tears, Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Elton John, Santana, Rush, ELP, Saga, Eric Clapton, Huey Lewis, Cars, John Fogerty, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Palmer, Tubes.
Favorite spot?
St. Marteen (Carribbean island)
Okinawa, Japan
San Juan Islands, WA
Stevens Pass, WA
Equipment used:
Korg keyboards, Guild acoustic guitar, Hamer electric guitar, LTD bass guitar, and Roland electric drumkit. Cakewalk Studio.
Anything else...?
Modern-day en-slavers are working hard to own your mind, your body, and your soul. If you haven't already, please wake the hell up! Question everything and get informed. Then EDUCATE OTHERS about the insidious threat to people everywhere by international banksters and invisible filthy rich power mongers! We're never going to vote our way outta this broken and corrupt system. But we the people have the power to change it all - but only IF we stand together and use it before it's too late. If it isn't already. Okay, rant over.
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