Dawn Maracle
Me and Eye
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Dawn Maracle Solo Artist.

The Lady, She's an Entertainer
A dedicated Professional
She sings. She plays guitar.

Dawn has a fast moving show in which she performs classic rock, blues, country, alternative, pop and contemporary as well as her own original material. She has a voice that is likened to a “siren” and her “awesome” style is enjoyed by anyone who sees her show. Her performance is filled with energy and excitement, which is the kind of talented entertainment that brings people back to see her again and again. A memorable experience.

Dawn Maracle
National award winning vocalist CMAA female vocalist of the year 1989 & 1990
CCMA female entertainer of the year 1990
Nominations include: Guitar player, instrumentalist, song writer, song, band, vocal group, keyboard player, fiddle player, drummer of the year.

Dawn Maracle has performed nationally and internationally for stage, radio, and television.
A truly professional and gifted vocalist, entertainer, songwriter, artist and musician.
Why this name?
It's for real.
Do you play live?
Yes, currently in Texas. I love what I do. As for the special moments that will be revealed in my book.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
With today's technology the musician and artist of all levels are placed on the same playing feild. The only thing that would hold them back are either their actual talent and demand for their music and of course how hard they actually work at promoting themselves.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No doubt!
Band History:
Of French decent, I am originally from upstate new York where I got my education and most of my music training. I have been in the music and entertainment business all of my life. At the age of two I started by playing the piano. Throughout my childhood I dabbled in guitar and electronics. From second to fourth grade I played 2nd violin in orchestra . I was also involved through out my school years in swing choir, chorus, and drama. As a young teen I took up the drums and sound recording . As I began my early adulthood I immediately started my own rock and variety band (75 RPM). It was a power trio and I played the bass, sang, ran the lights , sound and did all of our bookings. Around 1979 I started my own booking agency booking several groups including 75 RPM. Later on 75 RPM became a 4pc heavy rock band and changed it's name to the DAWN MARACLE BAND. In 1982 I joined another rock group from Auburn, NY (Bandit) as their vocalist and front person. In 1983 I was invited to join a southern rock group from Rochester,NY (Jasper). Simultaneously I was also performing a solo acoustic variety act throughout New York state,Pennsylvania, and Canada with great success! I eventually left the group to pursue my solo act full time. By 1985 I became the highest paid female soloist on the hotel circuit in New York state, thanks to Trade Winds booking agency in Syracuse, NY despite being told by other booking agencies that I needed to use a "BEAT BOX" and I refused, holding fast to my unique beliefs and styles. By 1986 I had moved to Southern, California and picked up (OffBeat Promotions) an agent from Los Angeles. I was immediately sent to Fairbanks Alaska with two other female players from LA. I was the band leader and guitarist for our variety trio we called 'Dawn Maracle and the California Girls'. While I was there I had the opportunity to open the Fairbanks state Fair show as a soloist! What an honor! When I returned to LA my agent had another solo job for me in Osaka, Japan. I left and performed there for 60 days. Again I returned to LA and there I was seen by the late 'Harry Ross'. He persuaded me to become a part of the CCMA (California Country Music Association) That is when I started to sweep the awards! During that time I was the guitarist and vocalist for The Cannonball Express and later started up my own country group DAWN MARACLE & DAYBREAK. We performed the top country hits as well as my own country originals. Our venues included the Western Connection in San Dimas, CA and the Riverside Hotel and Casino, in Laughlin, NV. Having some vocal trouble I went to the San Dimas College and found vocal trainer Wayne Eikenberry who taught me vocal therapy technique which I eventually developed into my own method for teaching voice. In 1991 I left the country music scene to once again pursue my own power trio (EVA HOLIDAY & THE WALKING JUKEBOX) only this time playing the lead guitar! During the last seven years that I resided in California, I also did casuals with the GUY BENJAMIN BAND, a large group that performed throughout Southern California and the Inland Empire. I was hired by Guy Benjamin to do several different jobs for him. Some jobs I would sing and front the group, some I would play lead guitar, sometimes I was hired as bassist and sometimes he would have me also doubling as the sound tech. In 1991 I went to college to further my education in the sound recording field, modern dance, choreography and drama. It is with great pride that I can say that even while I was working, being a mom and carrying 22 units per semester I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and stay on the Dean's Honor list. Inspired by my dance classes I got into exotic dance and old burlesque routines incorporating them into my own unique style of bikini dance. I believe we should always take a chance to do the things we dream about doing when we get the opportunity to do them! I do not want to ever have to say 'what if'? Around 1993 my guitarist/bassist and I started performing as a duet we called SPLIT IMAGE. We performed throughout southern California for the next four years playing a variety of covers and originals. I started to see a trend towards the karaoke scene in California and eventually started my own Karaoke business (Karaoke by Dawn). I was concurrently General Manager of an upscale restaurant and night club (The Stock Exchange) in our local mall in Hemet, California. In 1998 I relocated to Austin,Texas taking a position with Horizon Film and Video, INC. as office manager, and the Antique Mall of Texas in sales working for the next 2 years while putting together my plan to create my recording studio and promote my material. In 2000 I started and all originals group ( 2K1) to perform and record my material in preparation for marketing. I have also formed the groups ,The Boyz and Fire. My crrent Band is simply called the Dawn Maracle Band. I perform mostly solo in Austin and San Antonio and a few times a month with my band. So here we are to date in a nut shell. The following links will take you to each aspect in detail and will allow you to have greater insight to each of my facets. Those I have already spoke of and some I have not. It is hard not to do many things in your life when you are as curious and energetic as I am. Never give up your dreams! Continue the pursuit and enjoy the life and vitality it brings! This is the fountain of youth!
This is true success!
Dawn Maracle
Your influences?
Hank Williams SR & Patsy Cline
Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Elvis, Beatles, Santana, BB King, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, Bad Company, Grand Funk, Steppenwolf, Carol King
Favorite spot?
I loved most every place I have ever been but I liked being in Hawaii because of the climate, Fairbanks Alaska for it's summer, Osaka Japan for the friendly honest people, Southern California for the amount of things to do there, Austin Texas for it's prestige,weirdness and lifestyle. San Antonio, Texas for it's overall feel. Auburn, NY for the historic feel and the Finger lakes for it's beauty.
Equipment used:
Fender and Roland amps. Allen & Heath mix wizard, EV 1000 watt speakers and monitors. Yamaha just plain good stuff. Alesis, digitec are great for affordable yet dependable and consistent effects. My guitars are Gibsons, Ovation, Yamahas, and PRS. Shure Mics, in ears and wireless.
Anything else...?
I love teaching Voice to those who want to carry on the tradition of the Dawn Maracle method. I have developed a 5 octave range which I am happy to teach others to achieve and maintain. Rock on!
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Bandit days
The Lost & Forgotten Tapes
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