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yunus diskaya
NEWS   I have great news....
but not enough memory to tell them
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play hi-fi  Mirovim ez ne hovim
play hi-fi  Perchak Tore
play hi-fi  Xurshid
play hi-fi  Sherine Nu Gihaye
play hi-fi  Shahi u Cejn u Sema
play hi-fi  Meyxaneperest im
play hi-fi  mebe na na
play hi-fi  Aglayi Aglayi
play hi-fi  Melankoli
play hi-fi  Ayirdilar
fidel and ernesto told me one day "hey you,play us something" and ý said " I can play no instrument" and they said "then take a gun and shoot yourself,that will make some good tune" and ý said "ok. I can play some cigarette pipe" and they said "we insist that you shoot yourself" and I played the pipe and they said

"an artificial rectum is not an anus, and although they rhyme, a lenin is not a stalin"

and for want of a gun a tune was lost

Why this name?
My name
Do you play live?
No ý play when ý am dead
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
One day ernesto asked me the same question and I said "oh god forbid that! I am a decent family man with no penis"
Band History:
no band and no history worth mentioning
Your influences?
ethn-orock,classical rock,blues,punk,folk music,turkish music
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
a cigarette pipe and some other minor gadgets like
violin,guitar(electric and bass),electric percussion, Baðlama (an ethnic acoustic instrument)desktop mic,
Anything else...?
the only instrument ý may venture to say "ý can play" is baðlama and it is barely used in the recordings.
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