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Paula Juhasz is launching her solo career with the release of her CD “Quem Eu Sou”, bringing 12 high spirited and previously unreleased songs. Paula Juhasz, with musical production by Paulo Bonfim, succeeded in creating a differentiated sound, of the new axé generation.

O CD “Quem Eu Sou”, full of hits is “100% Axé” and “100% Animation”, same as the singer’s shows which have full production including dancers choreographed by Paula. The principal song “Quem Eu Sou” promises to be a hit on the radios and carnival 2006 in Salvador and in all of Brazil. During her shows, Paula Juhasz with her animation and electrifying stage presence – sings, dances and interprets her music taking the public to delirium.

Paula is currently launching her solo career, even thou she is not new to the artistic world. Her formation as an artist began at the age of 10, dubbing various artists. Since the she formed herself as an actress, model, and in the end as a singer. Paula has already marked her artistic presence in theatrical plays events and television programs.

Paula has already presented herself with other bands in Rio de Janeiro, including “Verão Sepetiba”.

Currently, on the launch of her solo career, Paula is with a professional team. Her CD, “Quem Eu Sou” was recorded with professional musicians who have already played with many renowned artists and who will play with Paula during her shows.

The shows and the CD “Quem Eu Sou” promise to satisfy all the expectations of those who were waiting to see and hear a name that stands out amongst the more important and talented and complete artists of the new generation ... Brasil and Salvador await !!!
Why this name?
It is a strong name which calls attention to it as it is quite unique.
Do you play live?
We play live in Rio de Janeiro and all of Brazil. Will begin playing shortly internationally.

Playing live is the best as it allows a close contact with our fans, which is really why we do what we do.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet levels out the playing field. It gives a better opporturtinity for new artist who don't have a big recording contract.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, not a recording contract. However, I would sign a partnership conctract for the distribution and marketing of my CD. In reality, I believe that this is where the industry is heading. The strength of the major labels is in marketing and distribution, not in recording.
Band History:
Paula Juhasz is launching her solo career with the release of her CD “Quem Eu Sou”, thus a new history is only now begining.
Your influences?
The most influential artists for Paula are Daniela Mercury, Ivete Sangalo, Margareth Menezes, Babado Novo and Chiclete com Banana. These are the principal artists that have popularized axé music and carnival in Salvador.
Favorite spot?
Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.
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