Lucas Kirby
NEWS   November 12, 2007
Keep your ears and eyes open for Lucas' new album, "The Forgotten Secret". Expected to be complete at the end of the year!
October 30th 2005
~Tears of Glory is now available for purchase through PayPal and Only $12.50! Contact me for special discounts on bulk purchases. I hope you enjoy the c.d. as much as I enjoyed creating it!

November 1, 2005
Lucas has now jumped from #33 to the #20 spot, and #6 in the acoustic piano sub catigory. Thanks to you all who have supported my music. Your kind words, and enthusiasm is what this is all about.. It only inspires me to continue writing what I feel. Thank you

October 31,2005
Lucas bumped from 139 to 33 on the Acoustic charts today. He is also at #9 in the Acoustic Piano Sub Catigory.. Buy the album to find out why!!

~Stay tuned for the release date of Lucas Kirby's new album in 2006! Title will be released prior to.
Jazzy Beats
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play hi-fi  Kamillya's Theme
play hi-fi  Into the Abyss
play hi-fi  The Bittersweet
play hi-fi  Improv
play hi-fi  Sincere
play hi-fi  La Valse d'Amelie (Cover)
play hi-fi  Onward
play hi-fi  September
play hi-fi  Dreams
play hi-fi  Masie's Star
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Lucas Kirby is a New Age Solo Pianist and Composer. Since the age of nine he has had an unyielding passion for the piano. After releasing his debut album "Tears of Glory" at the age of 20, his music has been featured in documentaries, films, and numerous projects around the globe.
His passion for the piano as an instrument is obvious. From his late teens, he has done nothing but give his dedication and commitment to the most complex instrument ever created. After spending over a decade selling some of the finest pianos in the world, he also became proficient in the mechanical aspect of the instrument. Surrounding himself by what he loves most as well as individuals who share his same passion, has given him the opportunity to indulge in his life dream.
His latest album release "Onward" portrays the human spirits strength in picking oneself up and moving forward. His music emanates the roller coaster of emotion that life often brings us. To put it plainly, his music is simply a celebration and portrait of the human condition.

"Minimalist, intimate, sometimes passionate and sometimes subtle, Lucas Kirby invites us to impressionistic music; full of clarity, color and light. Not in vain, immersed in his creations is equivalent to walking through the water gardens of Claude Monet ... "

~ The Waves On Air

Why this name?
I am a one man show
Do you play live?
Malls, Weddings, Receptions, Clubs, Mini concerts, Private bookings, etc.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
What an amazing way to allow musicians from all walks of life be heard. Our world will never be the same, and our world's music will benefit for the better.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, as long as the record contracts are fair to the artist and the music.
Band History:
Lucas Kirby began his career at the young age of 16 where he played many private bookings as well as live performances at malls, coffee shops, book stores, and other events. Since his release of, 'Tears of Glory' you can find his music at local music stores such as Gray Wale C.D. Summerhays Music, and Media Play. A full collection of all his work is also available online.
Your influences?
My influences are very diverse. I am moved by anything from alternative to the classics. I am obviously a pianist, but you can gain so many ideas and inspirations from any type of music. Some include, Billy Joel, Jim Brickman, Norah Jones, John Tesh, James horner, John Schmidt, Paul Cardaul, etc.
Favorite spot?
Lucas spends most of his time in the great outdoors. River fishing is one of his favorite hobbies, along with hunting, hiking and sports.
Equipment used:
Recordings have taken place on the Kawai CP207 and Kawai EX Concert Grand. Who can ever deny the greatness of a hand made Steinway!
Anything else...?
I would like to thank all who have supported my love and passion for the piano. If it were not for my family, friends, and fans, I would not be the person I am today.
All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to write to Lucas at:
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