Barbara Allen Durrum
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play hi-fi  If I ever get the chance to love you again
play hi-fi  Have You Got Leaving On Your Mind
play hi-fi  I Think I Feel Love Kicking In 338726
play hi-fi  I Know That I Want You
play hi-fi  Blue Kentucky Waltz
play hi-fi  He's Always There
play hi-fi  I let you get away
play hi-fi  How Do I Convince My Heart?
play hi-fi  Words Are Tearing My World Apart
play hi-fi  Doin' Like We Use To Do
First off I`m not a part of a band anymore, I`m retired and I only write lyrics for songs and poems since my husband died in 2001 we were married for 51 yrs and he was the talented one he could play 4 musical instruments and had a wonderful voise and looked good to go with it. We did the Nashville thing when we were young but that kind of life gets old real fast. I gave it up when the children started coming and Bucky gave it up when his health started down hill. All good thing come to an end. During those years we met lots of wonderful people and I have pictures on my web sit Http;//
Pictures of all the Famous people we open the show for on Friday night Frolics at WSM.
Why this name?
Barbara Allen Young my given name Now Durrum my married name
Do you play live?
No!Not anymore , I just write song lyrics and keep my fingers crossed. I cowrite with my Granddaughter she is a writer too, chip off the old block and she also has a bueatiful voise. "Picking up the pieces" is ours.And Crystal is singing it.I cowrite with Jim Gibney, & Gus Hoelsher so songs on Country blends soundclick a lot are mind too.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I love it , it lets your talent show and you never have to leave home, and I think this is the future in the making.Singers can find good songs on soundclick by new writers who would love to have them sing those songs
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, my voise is not what it used to be so I would rather write for others and pray it gets picked up by someone in the country game who is looking for fresh material and most of us would let them change words or the tune to suit the singer and Band.
Band History:
As I said I only write now and a famous country singer told me when I started, that writing is like going fishing on a cloudy day , you need the right Bait, the right Hook, the right Lines, the right Singer (not sinker) and the right Time and you sit back and wait for the fish to bite, Ive had a lot of nibbles, a bite or two but no big fish, but I keep on pluggin, Thank you Marty that was good advice and its been proven to be very true. So I`m still pluggin and waitin.all My songs are copyrighted ,but are available to any up and coming artist just contact me at my email and we will work something out.
Your influences?
My Husband first and my aunt and uncle Carl&Pearl Butler they were always pushing me .My love for good country music keeps me going and I`ve allways had a way with words thats why I keep writing.
Favorite spot?
God`s country Lexington, Kentucky
Equipment used:
Well the Music died with my Husband I have to depend on my old friends to help me out with the melody and music , I like pure country with a steel guitar and a song that tells a story.Gus Hoelsler From Maple Jam Band is doing my music for my songs and he also sings some of my songs on Demo`s
Anything else...?
All my song are written about things that happened in real life. The good and the bad times,and the lessons we learn along the way.Mistakes are made , but its what you do after that matters most. My web page has lots of pictures of our Band and some famous people as in my picture , thats Marty Robbins me & Bucky . go to
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