Fragile Forest
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Fragile Forest produces a mix of Progressive Rock, New Age and Ambient instrumentals.

In reality, Fragile Forest is only John S. Hagewood in the studio pushing all the buttons, with the occasional guest drummer or guitarist.

All of the music of Fragile Forest is available on soundclick to listen to (stream) at high-bandwidth (near CD-quality 128k usually). However, the artist respectfully requests that you purchase the singles or albums if you find that you really like the music, and or if want to download them (like to play on your iPod, burn onto a CD to play in your car, etc).

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Why this name?
A sign at Radnor Lake in Nashville says "Fragile Forest, Stay on Trail".
Do you play live?
Fragile Forest does not play live. John S. Hagewood (composer, arranger, performer, producer) plays the occasional live gig with classic rock icons Whiskey Biscuit in the Nashville area.
Band History:
"Stay on Trail", Fragile Forest first compilation CD was released in 2000. Since then, single releases via the internet have followed sporatically. The 2nd compilation CD "Still on the Trail" became available in late 2005.
Your influences?
ELP, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Beethoven, Gershwin, classic rock, film scores, Hearts Of Space and few "new age" artists
Favorite spot?
Fall Creek Falls State Park in East Tennessee
Equipment used:
Virtual synthesizers of every flavor! I record with both Sonar 7 and Reason 4 running on a big honking quad-core WindowsXP workstation custom-built for me by ADK Pro Audio. Favorite synths include IK's SampleTank2 and SonikSynth2, Atmosphere, Moog Modular V, Everything in the Native Instruments Komplete 5 package,Miroslav Philharmonik, WusikStation.
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