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Whats Good World, Finally the Midwest got a group that makes they own beats and writes they own lyrics and its HOT! They call me J-Bizzy and my brother Nalige. We been makin beats since forever and rappin serious for more than 4 years. We feel the Midwest got crazy talent and we need to start showin the rest of the world that some of the best talent and styles is out here!! Startin wit us ya'll bout to witness a change in music as we hit 2006!
Why this name?
When we was in high school around sophomore year for me, my brother(Nalige) came up to me on lunch period and was like Fam its DreamTeam or Nothin and its been like that ever since so RESPECT IT! There can only be one DreamTeam and thats me and my brother.
Do you play live?
Unfortunately we don't live in the crunkest city so performing in Springfield, Illinois is limited regardless if your hot or not, if you ain't got stong promotion you gone get slept on!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes Sir if you can get yo Buzz on the net do ya thang!! For most Independent labels like us thats our only way to really get out here other than sellin CD's out the trunk which ain't too professional. So the net helps!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if they talkin bout some BREAD and signing the label cause artists is gettin screwed over to much we make too much hot music for all that!
Band History:
The Group originated in Springfield, Illinois
J-Bizzy-Born in Chicago,IL, and lived in Gary,IN and Hammond,IN most of my life and moved to the "Field" for high school.
Your influences?
My musical influence is DRO!!!
Favorite spot?
Indianapolis, St.Louis and the Chi, I was born in the Chi so its not that serious to me but its still the spot! But Nap-Town is damn near the crunkest spot in the Midwest
Equipment used:
We make beats with FL Studio 5 and Reason and and we killin the competition on the beat tip!!
Anything else...?
For anybody thinkin they hot or they finna kill this year better step they game up cuz its bout ta get real serious for the "06" I'm tellin you!!! YOU CAN'T STOP REAL NIGGAZ SO STOP PLAYIN YASELF!!!!!!!!!