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A Cradle For The King
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Ever wonder if Jesus was born again at Christmas today? What would he have experienced and is it really that different? And how would we have responded to the news?
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God has a purpose for each and every one of us.

Our calling is to seek his will.

Share with me on my journey to discover God in truth and reality. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I’m sure having fun asking the questions. After all, if Gods wisdom is foolishness to man, then I think I’d rather be a fool.

'Now I know in part, but then I will know just as I also am known.' 1 Cor 13:12

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Why this name?
I guess I was born with it!!!!
Do you play live?
I love playing live and have worked as a pro bassist. Special moments include Killerton Festival in front of 13,000 playing bass for The American Drifters. I also led the worship before Paul Field and Roy Martin when they played at our school. That was pretty cool.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has completely opened my eyes and ears to the massive wealth of talent out there. Loads more people have heard my music as a result from various parts of our globe. I love mp3s.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on their integrity. My music is written to glorify God, so if that's what they want, then yes.
Band History:
My background
I suppose it would be foolish of me not to include a little background information about myself, and where it all started. So here it is!

I was born in Stoke-on-Trent back in September ’67. Just an ordinary kid from an ordinary background! I still am ordinary! At the age of 14, discovered Jesus as my saviour. I knew back then that God had given me this gift and that I was to use to serve Him.

I have been fortunate in my playing experience having played in a variety of ensembles from Jazz groups to Orchestras in various venues either as a session player or group member. It this variety that leads to my own style of composition, although I would have to say that my music is 90% inspiration 10% perspiration. God has been good to me in the gift of the songs He provides.
Your influences?
My earliest influence was Paul Simon. I loved his free voice and clever acoustic guitar playing. Since ten I have been influenced by many artistes. Noticeably, Paul Field and Michael Card for lyrics and Don Francisco for guitar playing.
Favorite spot?
I love the peak district for it's beauty and my home because it's where my wife is.
Equipment used:
I have recently upgraded my recording software to Logic Pro 9 on an iMac. For midi sequencing I sometimes use Sibelius but am increasing. My prefered sound source is a clavinova piano with clever stuff on it. My guitar is a Taylor 214CE.
Anything else...?
I hope you like my music and if you've got any constructive comments please feel free to post them on my message board. If I don't like them, I'll have to live with it.

Thanks for your time.
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