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play hi-fi  Still love you
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Im Cleanin out my Catalogue to make room for new trax! Leasing for $25, Liscense for $100
and Exclusive start at $250!
Get at me quick cuz trax are first come first serve.

Leasing: 25 dollars per lease
Beats are sent as two track mixes through email
FBP retains all rights to trax

Liscense: 100 dollars per liscense
Beats are tracked out
FBP retains all rights to trax

Exclusive: Contact for pricing and details

5 leases for 100

Phone: 918-269-9700
Official Website:

Equipment used:

Pro Tools HD3 outboard gear from Art, Sony, Behringer,DBX etc.
Keyboards from Alesis, Korg, Roland and Yamaha.
Various custom and Professional sound libraries
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