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The Norton Folgate Sound, based in London UK, is a virtual internet band. Song-writer Tim de Ferrars produces material that is performed all round the world by internet contributors. Songs are mixed at Selsdon Studios in London.

Why this name?
Norton Folgate was an 18th century explorer who discovered Belize. He introduced the first Venus Fly Trap to Europe, starting a craze among the English upper classes that made him a rich man. He is best remembered now as the benefactor behind the famous Norton Folgate Grotto in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, where he lived out his years before bequeathing it to the monarchy (the Palace, not just the grotto).

We just liked the name but we're thinking of changing it to Norton Commando.
Do you play live?
Most of the songs only have one or two contributors on them, so playing live would be an athletic challenge I suppose.
Equipment used:
Zoom PS04, Tascam US-122, Pod XT, Cubase SE with various VST MIDI plug-ins including Kick-Ass Brass. Fender 62 re-issue Jap Strat, 1980 Tokai Strat.
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