If I could hear your voice once more
Colour on your cheek when I speak softly to you Your eyes never cheat they sparkle and they shine Please stay to night I know that you want to Experience you wont forget
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play hi-fi  Pendulum The Island - Ruff Essentials Steppa
play hi-fi  Fried Egg and Bacon - Dirty mix1 16b
play hi-fi  Minimal freedom - Ruff bizniz Grind On mix
play hi-fi  La Liberta - Freedom EZ mix
play hi-fi  Ruff Produckshun Remix - Shelter dub
play hi-fi  Spotlight REMIX - Ruff Dub
play hi-fi  Greenslvs SAE master mix
play hi-fi  Brandy Baby - Ruff ReWork
play hi-fi  Comfort Zone REMIX - Morr's Ruff Jam
play hi-fi  Fashion1 - Morr's remaster no1
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This is not really a band, but an attempt to create my own musical ideas and allow others to listen
Why this name?
MPD Aural Electronica aka Ruff produckshunz
Do you play live?
Not yet, only Dj'ed
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its just becoming bigger than ever....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I began by dj'ing from the age of twelve. Loved all the electro music of the early eighties. Just fell into other genres...hip hop, rnb, garage, house, jungle and dnb.
Your influences?
All major soul and rnb artists. Love garage, house,funk & jazz too.
DnB has to be Micky Finn, Ellis Dee, Photek. Other influences, Paul Hardcastle, Euge Groove, Naked Music. The Brazilian, The Venezuelan and The Ukrainian, you know who you are....
Favorite spot?
Bangkok, Santorini, The Hague, Manchester, The Pastie Shop in Bolton, Falcon Crag, Rockcliffe, Boulders, Vienna, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Leiden, Breda, Mechelen, Leuven, Clingendaal, De Boerderij ( spek en kaas ) but my most favourite spot is home
Equipment used:
Reason, Protools and my brain
Anything else...?
check out some remixes on MPD Productions @ Indaba and on Soundcloud

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