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Cem Music Project
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play hi-fi  Touch my Heart
play hi-fi  Mysterious Fear
play hi-fi  Jazz-Shion
play hi-fi  Jazz-Mind
play hi-fi  01-auss-97-AUSS97
play hi-fi  07-documental2-97-D2-97
play hi-fi  22-marxant-97-MXT97
play hi-fi  17-dancito2-DCT2
play hi-fi  16-dancito-DCT
play hi-fi  Starship Battle
Cem Music Project is a musical enterprise of Symphonic and Classical Electronic Music from Marc Corominas.
In 1988, he starts to play, explore and compose by himself some instruments, including synthesizers taking Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis as big references.
He continues composing with synthesizers and explores the jazz style, listening the great jazz players like Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Kenny Barron… so the Jazz style becomes at this time the other big reference, gradually and inadvertently.
Why this name?
Because is the abbreviation of Classical and Electronic Music (CEM)
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