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play hi-fi  Lazy Days
play hi-fi  Lets Dance Tonight
play hi-fi  Its...the ROCk
play hi-fi  Mamacita- Darren ft. Ace Boogie
play hi-fi  Chipmunk Soul
play hi-fi  I (really) Need You Babe **Sampler**
play hi-fi  Baby Gurl...
play hi-fi  Sugar You Know You Got That Fire...
play hi-fi  Why'd You Do Me Like That?
play hi-fi  Brush them Shoulders Off
I'm baaaaaaaack
Why this name?
It's a spin off on my actual name
Do you play live?
Nope I can't play any instruments, I can fiddle around on the guitar a little bit and mess around on the piano, but in actuality i suck and have no musical ability whatsoever. I really like bass though im pretty good at that though.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Everyone can do whatever they want, however they want and be heard...it's great.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of Course, I really want to get down with people like Bad Boy because I want to build my own music empire...I would really really want to work with Timbaland so Beat Club would be a dream come true.
Your influences?
Timbaland of course and a bit of the Neptunes and DJ Premiere when it comes to sampling...
Favorite spot?
So Cali
Equipment used:
nothing special just Fruity Loops...
Anything else...?
Holla at me if you wanna get on a track.
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