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NEWS   DavidLunbeck I am still alive
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play hi-fi  She might fall my way
play hi-fi  Closer to Home
play hi-fi  where we begin
play hi-fi  If Only It would rain
play hi-fi  follow you down rewrite
play hi-fi  She wont forget
play hi-fi  connection
play hi-fi  Love will come around
play hi-fi  Walking out
play hi-fi  Catch me I 'm fallin II
Why this name?
my younger brother used to call me davehead and I really like David Better
Do you play live?
sometimes I sit in , mainly a songwriter
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
What is an MP3 ! well a lot of great artists will be heard I am hearing them now
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
depends on how much I would have to pay them back. On second thought I would sign with a Minor label . ( as long as they approved of mostly Minor chord compositions ) Remember Dana carvey's chopping Brocolli ?
Band History:
writing songs forabout 10 years ( well half finished ones )
Your influences?
Traveling Wilburys, Tom Petty, Wilco, Ryan Adams ELO,Beatles, Raspberries, Gin Blossoms, The Verve, Badfinger, Tonic,Bare naked ladies , Collective Soul, The shins, Bright eyes, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Roy Orbison, The Mavericks, George harrison, Paul Mcartney, Harry Nilson, The Birds, Roger McGuinn, Adrian Belew,Svenni Bjorgivns,Tony Delecce, Tony Gee, Scott McCarl, Dave Smalley,John Hiatt,Dick Aven,Del Amitri, BEATLES , CSNY, America,Eagles,Duane Eddy, Roy Orbison
Favorite spot?
in the middle of nowhere
Equipment used:
many different acoustics , 1977 Aria acoustic 1970-80 ,Yamaha FG-160, 1970 Vogue Electric ,Alesis effects rack , Toneport UX2, Peavey amp,KMD amp, Harmonica's , 1970's 12 string Yamaha, AKG condenser Mic. lap top , Desk top,lots of software that just confuses me.........
Anything else...?
one of the best names for a band here on sound click " THE OTHER BAND ", also: In POP anything goes and why not call it Post industrial POP ( we suck ? ) Experimental progressive alternative POP ? ( we have no idea what we are doing ?)