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Mini Thin
NEWS   Mini Thin Hillbilly Hustle Album in stores Sept. 25th 2010! cop that b*** ! featuring: haystak, lil wyte, brotha lynch hung, canibus, copywrite, smokey ramirez adn more!
Mini Thin v.s. Big Will M.C. Battle
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08/20/08 @ 01:26 AM     post a comment
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What do you call an M.C. that has the looks, talent, Swagger, commerical apeal and has earned his stripes in the streets and in hip hop? You Call him Mini Thin! Mini Thin Born & Raised In West Virginia has had a long road to the microphone, a former college athlete, Pharmacist ;), inmate and hustler has walked in many shoes and worn many hats. He has lived what others M.C.'s dream up in their notebooks. Life was normal for Mini Thin (born Jayson Malice) until the age of 18 when he began a wild lifestyle and ended up with a 3 year sentence for multiple charges. Upon release, He continued the street life and was once again Sentenced for a year of incarceration and 6 months of house arrest. Mini Soon after realized that his life was going no where. He began to write Poetry, which quickly turned into lyrics, which soon became songs. Mini had to figure out a way to separate himself from other M.C.'s so he started making a name for himself in M.C. Battles in West Virginia. He soon moved on to a bigger circuit and Began Battling all through Ohio & Pennsylvania. From the Summer of 2003-2005 Mini Thin Won Every Major Battle To come through the Pittsburgh Area. A few of the well known Battles are Jay Z's Roc Tha Mic tour Roc A Fella REcords Emcee Battle Championship. Pittsburgh's Def Jam end of summer Jam Emcee Battle Championship. BET's Big Tigger Pittsburgh Clash For Cash, West Liberty State College, Hanging Up Our Jerseys Emcee Battle and he also competed in Cincinnati's Skribble Jam. Mini Then began Recording Songs, His first real recording Was a song titled "tourette's syndrome" which was an instant hit in the local Wv and PA underground. He then released the Mini Thin EP a 5 song compilation of the first 5 songs he ever recorded and sales were above par. Mini Then Recorded a Freestyle titled "Respect Mine" For for long time friend D.J. Cadillac's Steel City Massacare Mixtape that gained attention of many music critics. Exerpt from "Minithin's "Respect Mine" is a personal favorite, just because of the heavily thugged out intro and the squeaky violins that make up his beat, along with lines like "I got a Ph.D, intellect smart to haunt ya/ up down left right B A select start like Contra" that leave me wide open." - Steve "flash" Juon of Mini Then put the microphone down, disappointed with the state of hip hop and concentrating on his numerous businesses. In the Summer of 2007 Mini Thin decided he was miserable without the microphone and a notebook, so he decided to pick his craft back up. He has found his niche, His sound and His peoople. They were there all along!Almost Heaven WEST VIRGINIA! He has found his calling and that calling is to Represent the People of WV to the fullest and to let the world know that West Virginia, the Mid-South and MIddle America will not be overlooked, Will NOT die quietly while larger Cities and artists try to control the entire climate and sound of hip hop music, Try to Tell the rest of the world what to wear, how to act and how to talk! Mini Thin's debut Album Hillbilly Hustle Will put Dub Vee on the Map and will solidify Him as an artist. Mini Thin has performed and shared the stage with the likes of: Jay Z, 50 Cent, Nas, DMX, Lil Kim, Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Freeway, Beanie Seagal, Lloyd banks, Young Buck, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, D.J. Whoo Kid, Dos Noun, Mac Lethal, Ron Noodles, Pittsburgh Slim & Wiz Khalifa Mini Thin loves to workout, practices meditation, chun kuk do, and gracie brazillian jiu jitsu. He does not drink or smoke. He loves guns and has an arsenal, he also loves to write anything from poems to movie scripts.
Why this name?
Do you play live?
Winning the Roc A Fella Records MC Battle Championship in front of 30,000 Live!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
easier to promote..but more garbage to sift through.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i'm doing great'd have to be on my terms... $$$
Band History:
wrote lyrics in 99-2001 while incarcerated. got out...went out...started battling....started writing songs....and here i am...

Mc battle wins with, Roc A Fella, Def Jam, Sprite, BET and competed in Skribble Jam.

shared the stage with, 50, Jigga, Nas, Lil Kim, Fabolous, Pittsburgh Slim, Dos Noun, Mac Lethal, G-Unit, Freeway, Beanie Seagal, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, D.J. Whoo Kid, Dmx and more.
Your influences?
If 2pac and Hank were to collide it would create Mini Thin....haha Hillbilly Hustle
Favorite spot?
Dub Vee (WV) West Virginia bi***...Hillbilly Murda!
Equipment used:
Home studio....i don't write lyrics...mostley freestyle or remember them and then record. shure tools, acid 6.0. a good D.J. some nice producers.
Anything else...?