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Travis Lemmons
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Travis Lemmons was born in 1984 in the small town of West Milford, New Jersey. Early on, at about seven years old, he was introduced to a small and inexpensive keyboard. He was instantly astounded by the instrument and began trying figure it out, playing small fractions of kid's songs by ear. It was lightly involved in his life until he was 10 years old, when he started piano lessons to further his musical journey. Although he stopped after only a year, he strived to progress with music by learning more complicated songs, and using self disipline to learn the tactics of coordination and accuracy. His persistence only grew stonger, and by the age of 14, he had written his first song. His first songs weren't extremely complicated, but they constructed a brand new path of achievement for him to follow. At the age of 16, he then took a new step, and enrolled in a class in high school called "Harmony and Theory". It was a class for those who wrote music and wanted to extend their knowledge about it. The classed used electronic keyboards that featured multitracking, and a variety of operations that seemed completely new to Travis. Fascinated by this, he purchased a similar synthesizer of his own to sustain the momentum of his progression. 2 years later, came the judgement day that made Travis decide he wanted to be a musician and nothing else. April 11th, 2003, he won a local talent show at his high school. He came in 1st place, with the "Audience Favorite" prize, and a standing ovation. It was this moment that provided him with the confidence he needed to proceed. About one year after this event, Travis was overheard, by Stan S., playing a piece he had written. This bound the two musicians, and created the foundation for a team that can create dance music, as well as power and emotional chord progressions.