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play hi-fi  Walking with Stevie
play hi-fi  Going Home
play hi-fi  whispers in the moonlight
play hi-fi  Under The Radar
play hi-fi  Death of a queen
play hi-fi  The Snake
play hi-fi  Mommy
We are an all instrumental band from Panama city Florida
Why this name?
we were looking a name that was not taken, so we made one up.
Do you play live?
we love to play live but because of family we do alot of recording and studio work. we get out every now and then..........
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
easier access for all, plus good exposure for the indie bands. you really don't need a big boy record compony behind you like the old days.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maybe, depends on the offer.
Your influences?
Iron maiden, Dream Theater, Joe satriani
Favorite spot?
tucson, az
Equipment used:

2006 John petrucci musicman w/piezo
1996 Abel Axe
1993 Alverez Dana Scoop
1994 Alverez Dana Scoop
1986 B,C.Rich
2004 Revolver Pro w/sustainer
2003 Fender Strat


Conklin 7 string
Conklin 5 string
Dean 12 string


Alesis Midiverb II
Alesis Midiverb III
Alesis microverb
Sonic Maximizer
Digitech Whammy
Morly Bad Horsey

Guitar Amps:

1985 Crate c120xl
1988 Crate c130xl
1995 Crate hybrid
2005 Crate 120 pro dsp
Crate 4x12 cabs
Peavey Scorpion 4x12

Bass Amps:

Peavy TNT 150


Pearl 16pc
Paiste 502 14" Hi-Hats
Paiste 502 20" Ride
Paiste 2002 12" Splash
Zildjian "Z" 22" Heavy Ride
Zildjian 18" Med Crash
Sabian 6" Splash
Sabian 20" b8 Ride
Sabian 16" Thin Crash
Sabian 16" Med Crash
Dixon Double Kick Pedal
Evans Heads
Remo Roto Toms


1.8 ghz 512meg of ram
Cooledit Pro 2.0
Over 500 Digital fx
128 Tracks


2006 Yamaha motif es 6
G-50 Roland midi guitar controller scoop>
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