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J.D. Nelson
New School
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J.D. Nelson's eclectic rock stylings ramble over and through a broad range of styles, encompassing folky-rock, funky-rock, pie-eyed soul, psychedelia and even straight-ahead rawk, all filtered through J.D.'s uniquely jaundiced view of contemporary society.

Although hard to pin down with simple generalizations, his songs reflect ... er, em (where are those crib sheets when you need them?).
Why this name?
"I decided it was best to just be myself, therefore 'Josh Heinous' was taken off the table."
Do you play live?
No live performances at the moment although always subject to change...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
"Obviously we artists can now eschew the grubby business of prostrating ourselves before some cigar-chomping honcho of the devilish record companies."
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
"Well, hell yeah... of course. Where do I sign?"
Band History:
After coming up through the ranks of the Eighties power pop groups, as a member of the Los Angeles band Ground Zero, J.D. went back and woodshedded through the early Nineties honing his chops, only to re-emerge in 1998 and record his first solo album, "Supernova". Recorded in Burbank, California at Garage Mahal Studios, it allowed J.D. to flex his production wings... In 2001, J.D. decided to get back to live performing, and became a founding member of surf-rock meisters, Electric Swordfish. After the wave crashed against the shore, J.D. began earnestly learning the art of audio engineering, and his latest recordings were made using Sonar software in his home studio.
Your influences?
Well, Bo Diddley...Bo Derek...Muddy Waters...John Waters...Johnny Rivers...River Phoenix...Charles Bukowski...Ray Charles
Favorite spot?
Here. Not there.
Equipment used:
Vintage Fender and Gibson gear is preferred... although anything at hand is fair game for sonic mangling in a pinch!
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