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Drummer and multi-percussionist with decades experience in performance, recording and composing/arrangement.
Available for tours, sessions and select performances.

DRUMSET in many styles and genres:
Rock, jazz, fusion, pop, country, blues, funk, electronica, D&B, dub, downtempo, traditional world beat, experimental, soundscapes or any combination therein, including some I can't pronounce.

Arabic/North African - (doumbek, daholla, bendir, tar, riq, zils, karkabala)
West African - (djembe, dunun, balafon, udu)
Latin - (conga, bongo, cajon, shekere, guiro, timbale, afuche, clave)
Effects and Oddities - (gongs, cymbals, miscellaneous metal & noises, found objects)
Do you play live?
San Francisco Bay Area based
National and global performance and recording
Band History:
Who gives a f#%k, I know but...
Rudimentary musical training as a kid on trumpet but within a couple of years gravitated towards drums.
Professional public performance started at age 13 with my first band. Of course, classic shithole divebars. Good times! Maybe not so good people but hey, rock and roll.

After years of stints throughout the Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore and Miami areas, I eventually migrated to the Southwest and soon established myself among the in-demand drummers in Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos.
Eventually, I got the itch to go further west...

By the mid 90's, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, amid the throngs of dot-com hell and dove head first into traditional African, Arabic and Latin musical communities to study percussion with the masters.
I've been fortunate to have worked with many world class musicians, in so many inspiring and innovative projects:
Jon Anderson (singer of Yes)
Billy Talbot (bassist with Neil Young and Crazy Horse)
Rain Parade (LA paisley underground guitar heroes) alumni Matt Piucci and John Thoman
Rasaki Aladokoun (King Sunny Ade sideman)
Henry Rollins (singer of Black Flag)
Sparks (legendary rockers)
Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth (of Gong fame)

I've also done extensive work with sequencing, programming and composing/arranging for neo-experimental electronica studio projects. My discography includes a number of successful solo works with integrated soundscapes, meditation accompaniments, multi-media scores and psychoactive light and sound programs. Several of the pieces have been featured on globally distributed releases.

Besides band mayhem, my ongoing involvement includes opportunist drumming among West African dance companies, Middle Eastern dance troupes as well as a steady stream of freelance gigs and recording sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


Recent works include drumming with:

*Jon Anderson* [beautiful and powerful orchestral landscapes]

*Marcus Blake* [a deep and rocking, old school release from the bassist of Henry Rollins and Daniel Lanois]

*The Billy Talbot Band* [heavy, soulful roots rock with an edge]

*The Hellenes* (formerly boaTcluB) [quirky, psychedelic rock- power pop with a musical chairs of instruments and vocals]

*Last Men On Earth* [melodramatic pop, alt-folk with Killian MacGeraghty of Gun and Doll Show fame]

*MC Rai* [authentically original and cutting edge North African rai that rocks]

*Ubzorb* [solid groove, East meets West dub, world house, and electronic improv]

*Azigza* [symphonic world fusion with lush, intricate melodies and rhythms]

check out the websites for loads of great stuff!!
Equipment used:
Tama Starclassic Maple shells and hardware
Paiste cymbals/sounds
LP percussion
Traditional handmade masterpieces from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America
Anything else...?

*We Are The Last Men On Earth* - self titled
*boaTcluB* - "The Whale Dentist"
* McRai - "Raivolution" *
* Ubzorb - "Ubzorb" *
* Bean Bag Apostles *
* Azgiza - "Kriya" *

Currently recording:

Groundbreaking new material with Jon Anderson & Azigza!
"Distored Hymns", Marcus Blake
"Hard As Nails", The Billy Talbot Band's 2nd album (DVD video release)
"But I like it down here...", formerly boaTcluB now the Hellenes
Session for Jon Anderson's "Open"
Uptown 3
Uptown 2
Decompression doumbek
tymp 1
tymp 2
Baja Progfest kit
Baja Progfest
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