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This has rather become a Dick Langford page as the old TUT stuff gradually works its way to the bottom!

TUT started in the early 1990s playing a punk folk hybrid. A politically aware band we wrote all our own material and had a good deal of critical (if not financial!) success with our first 3 CDs - "Cillataped", "The Last Fish Supper" and "Where the Skeletons Dance" - with an appearance at Glastonbury the high spot.

One thing which was a constant was the need to entertain. No-one wants to be slapped round the face with a wet fish polemic so we made sure we always communicated with the audience (mind you at some gigs we could have gone round and had individual conversations although I was always disappointed the one man never brought his dog).

The band lost Grahame Hobbs (singer) and Mark Knight (fiddle) in 2001 and with me the only original band member left the last CD "From another Plaice" was a real departure from the previous "in yer face" style - Much more acoustic and darker both musically and lyrically.

TUT2 folded in 2003 and since then I've been writing and recording with various people and in our "virtual" band The Phobias with Richard Marris. Mostly cheerful stuff like murder and corruption. I've also been working once again with TUT's old singer Graeme Hobbs on a series of contemporary rock operas Amokopera and contributing songs to a campaign to keep a London housing estate from being bulldozed by the council and replaced by luxury flats Suite for Queen Caroline

Why this name?
It means "deceit" , "things not being as they appear" and we thought that was fairly appropriate.
Do you play live?
Not recently.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
For the better. It gives a chance for "local" bands to get their music heard on a worldwide basis and challenges the music business' monopoly on music production and distribution.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Do they still have them?
China Dolls
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