No Sunshine
New School
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play hi-fi  Doing My Best
play hi-fi  MicroLove
play hi-fi  Space Hop
play hi-fi  Love, But Only in Memory
play hi-fi  Early Bird
play hi-fi  Hold You Down
play hi-fi  Have a Nice Trip
play hi-fi  Wishes
play hi-fi  Say The Words
play hi-fi  Glass Heart

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY beats for lease and exclusive rights.. Forget all those other wack SoundClick producers with the same sound. Stand out with something unique that's fresh and dope.

"Stewy I been writing to your beat tapes for about a week, sh*** is so musical. "

"This sh*** is f***ing fire. .. everything about this is just polished and dope..."

"There is a seemingly infinite number of good things I can say about this, not that its surprising. Its like J Dilla and Pharrell combined their sperm gave birth to a test tube baby named Stewrat *pause*"

"The effects and change ups are dope. ... Full presentation is good, too. Great work"

Please feel free to ask about any of the songs!!

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AIM: Ryan x StewRat
Your influences?
Nobuo Uematsu, J Dilla, Madlib, Mike Slott, Namco Sound Team
Equipment used:
FL Studio 9 XXL
M Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller
EMU MIDI 2x2 MIDI interface
Korg MicroKORG
1972 Panasonic RS-600 cassette recorder
Alesis Monitor One nearfield monitors
Kenwood Sigma Servo subwoofer
Technical Pro LX-1100 Power amp