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the way it goes
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a powerful video by sven ehlers (SYNTOPIA)..
thank you brother.. :-)
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I compose, arrange, play guitars, bass, keyboards, rap, sing.. I just do my thing.. I played in the well known SF bay area fusion band CLOUDS in the 70s.. and before the days of all this bling I spent 2 years in the late 70s with THE DAVID LA FLAMME BAND touring the states.. sex drugs rock and roll.. had it all.. EVERYTHING.. but I wouldn't trade for what I got now.. my own way.. my own music.. my own thing..

an award winning composer of chamber music with university honors and published and recorded compositions, I am a jazz musician.. I've played with, among others, woody shaw, jon hendricks, julian priester and mike nock.. I'm no longer a classic cover tune or mainstream jazz artist, rather a jazz musician who believes in world music as trane did.. seeking to blend many genres into a fresh and innovative style of jazz..

after many years on the axe I've finally done a 2nd CD showing my style.. RAPSTER GUITARS IT.. 2.. 12 original songs and collabs featuring syntopia, margot du bois and TLT50.. order here direct:

all you guitar lovers should buy these 2 CDs from one of the most innovative guitarists on the net..
no tired "licks" here.. :-)

thanks for your interest in my music :-)
joe nickerson aka rapster aka nicky quick..

you can hear most of my 100+ songs on

COMMENTS: (thank you most kindly) :-)

"there`s no one I know can do what you do with a piece of music"

"G`Day Brother.... All the best to you! You are definitely a musical mastermind.....with an ingenius sense of melody & crazy mad skills on the guitar!"

"Incredible guitar playing, solos are out of this world! Blows my mind...great production and excellent song. You have taken things to a whole new level...."

"THE DUKE.. what gets me is your guitar playing..MAN i wish to meet you one day and have you Line-Me-out on the guitar lines. Online would not help me, have to be in person. I hope to have the money one day to come see you, shake your hand and play some music with you. I think your the best guitar player online! AWESOME PLAYING BRO!!!!!!!!!!"
Why this name?
what band? I'm alone now :-)
Do you play live?
gigging around switzerland is like trying to find
a drink at AA, but still sometimes I get to play
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the net, I bet, is the future of music
we should use it, but not abuse it..

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
grew up in "project soul" in vallejo, CA (pre-confunkshun band). later jazz guitar with a few big names (my favorite, woody shaw).
Your influences?
jb, sly stone, john coltrane, , tupac..
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
not much
Anything else...?
CD "rapster guitar it.. 2" available on CD Baby..

Cd Baby has this to say aboutmy music: "an impressive and innovative blend of many genres.."

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