The Rain and the Sidewalk
Harmless live 09/25/2010
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Trevor doing yet another radically altered version of fan favorite Harmless @ Facefest in Vancouver. There may be a naughty word in it....
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Moody, semi-electronic, post-post-punk art-pop from Vancouver BC
Why this name?
1. I live in Vancouver BC, Canada.
2. It's taken from the lyrics of a song I wrote.
3. It's the only name I could think of that didn't seem to already be in use by anyone else...
Do you play live?
Much to my surprise, The Rain and the Sidewalk has been performing live... Only around town so far, but hopefully some day we'll try to do some sort of tour.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That would depend on the contract, the label, and how drunk I am at the time.
Weakness (double CD)