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Kalle in Sweden
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play hi-fi  Kalle sings Something (Beatles)
play hi-fi  Georgia on my mind
play hi-fi  Crazy Diamond
play hi-fi  BB King licks in G
play hi-fi  BB King style blues in Bb
play hi-fi  Tin Pan Alley backing track in Bm
play hi-fi  St James Infirmary
play hi-fi  Stormy Monday special
play hi-fi  Stormy Monday Special Backing track
play hi-fi  Santana Europa improvisation
I am 65 year old family father playing guitar for the fun of it.
I started to play guitar in my teenage years but dropped it for other interests.
Restarted guitar playing 12 years ago when my oldest daughter (then 16) wanted to play guitar and we bought her the electric guitar and amp. After 6 month when she lost interest I started to play on this electric guitar....
Nowadays I am also playing bass in "Cover" jam band at work.

Why this name?
My name is Kalle (same as Charlie in english) and I am living in Sweden (Stockholm area)
Do you play live?
Sofar I have not been playing live.
Your influences?
Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, BB King are some of my guitar idols
Favorite spot?
The Stockholm Archipelago with all its small islands.
Equipment used:
My instruments are:
a Tanglewood TW28STUSA-E steelstring Dreadnought
(with a Shadow P7 EQ system)
a Bjärton La Rita nylonstring acoustic (from around 1957)
a Squier Affinity Stratocaster with Fender American Standard pickups
a Yamaha RGX320FZ Electric Guitar with Tonerider Classic pickups
a Yamaha RBX270 Bass Guitar
a Egnator Tweaker 15 tube Amp head
a KLD30H tube Amp head
a Laney DB150 Bass Amp Head
a Crate 1x12" Cabinet (Celestion G12K-100)
a Bugera 2x12" Cabinet (Bugera 12G70)
a Behringer 1x15" UltraBass Cabinet (Bugera 15" )
a Ibanez Troubadour TA 35 Amplifier

Anything else...?
For recording I am using the following equipments:
Reaper recording SW
a M-Audio Delta 192
a Behringer XENYX Q1204USB mixer
a Behringer Ultra-G active DI box with speaker emulation
a Behringer Bass V-AMP
a Behringer V-AMP 2
a Behringer XM 8500 dyn mic
a Sennheiser MD 421 dyn mic
a Studio Project B1 cond mic
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