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Young Q-Dogg
NEWS   I'm not really on here but check the "official web page" tab to get up wit me...I'm online 24/7
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What up SC..I'm usually not on here no more but you can still track me. Just contact me on facebook or twitter

Why this name?
I got my name from three things

Young: I was always the youngest person around tryna spit

Q: my name is Daqwon but the streetz called me Qwon, so I took out the Q...

Dogg: everybody use to always say to me "ey lil dogg" thats where that came in..(and to this day they still do cuz I dont have any facial hair but is as tall as an average 18 yr old)

And put together the name "Young Q-Dogg"
Do you play live?
Yeah I performed a couple times. at my old high school and at a local night club called "Area 414" in milwaukee and to me the performances was alright. I now wanna do other performances.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it change the industry alot. it gives people better opportunities to be heard because many people don't be able to get their point across.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah I will cuz right now..I'm willing to do whatever it make it and keep going cuz i wanna leave a mark..But right now I'm workin wit havin my own independent label.
Band History:
I started off as a solo artist having to work my way up. I've been turned down a couple time becuz I wasn't that smart. I'm a solo artist willin to do track with anybody. I rap what I been through NO BULLSHIT. NO COMMERCIAL. All real...I have a bad attitude so take that into consideration but I'm cool and support anybody..
Your influences?
Tupac Shakur is my most musical influence as well as Nas and Talib Kweli, I also like LL cool J, Rakim, Scarface and KRS one cuz they been holdin it down for a long time and their names have never been forgotten, I like Em's ability to write a goofy ass song and it'll still sound tight. The Game, Eazy-E and N.W.A I love the westcoast flavor...
Favorite spot?
my favorite city is Milwaukee (where I live)
Equipment used:
a condensor mic, a pre-amp, Nuendo 3. (listen to the tracks)
Anything else...?
Yeah I'm about tired of people sayin hiphop is dead..let the truth be told music is music if its wack or tight at the end of the day it's still music
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