Clem and Clem
Can't Ride The Bomb Anymore
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Come along for one last ride.
When I Pull Up |Chris Brown Ft. Tyga Type Beat|
West Coast
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Anarchists Clem & Clem, suspected of faking their own deaths in the World Trade Centre disaster,are possibly alive and well and living in Canada.

Their radical undercover work was documented almost daily in underground newspapers as well as on the internet since the early days of the Reagan administration. Due to censorship and threats from both the US and Canadian governments they were never able to release any of their writings and observations through conventional means before their,supposed, untimely deaths in New York.

On March 27 2003 a package was received at the offices of The Verge Management Group containing cassette tapes, compact discs, photos and a three page hand written letter detailing a plan to release the diaries of Clem & Clem.

Suspecting a hoax, a private investigator was hired to track down the source of the package as well as to confirm that the audio recordings and letter were indeed Clem & Clem. The contents proved to be authentic. The origin of the package was never determined. Our investigation inadvertently tipped off law enforcement agencies here in Canada as well as in the US and has created a firestorm of controversy, threats and cover ups. Not even CNN has the connections to crack this mystery.

Why were we chosen? We weren't the only ones wondering. In May 2003 federal authorities turned up at our door with a court order to seize all records pertaining to 2 artists on our roster.

To be continued...

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