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good friday
NEWS   hello friends and fans. i'm still alive. today is my 22nd birthday. i have updated this page for what may be the last time, adding a lost album of good friday and some links to new projects. love, love, love, lawton (jonah) -- ii.23.10
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play hi-fi  summerstill pt. 1
play hi-fi  stranger at the station
play hi-fi  it's a long way down
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play hi-fi  choose - life ain't so bad #1
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play hi-fi  summerstill pt. 3
play hi-fi  don't fool yourself
well, it's a new decade. i haven't come around here in over four years. i think it's best to keep this place essentially the same. an untouched relic of my past, a chapter long closed. i never quit, though. life keeps going, song keeps flowing. the rhythms and melodies flutter and change, but it's basically the same. for the initiated, i leave this breadcrumb trail: label website and badly untended myspace. for the rest, it means more to me than anything that these songs to you have meant something. love always, lawton (jonah)

ok this is the thing i do, everybody has their own "thing" you know, i've got some friends for example some like to scribble in journals or make collages, i know some people who play basketball, some people who decorate aquariums, who babysit, its not really a matter of honor or payment or amusement or even plain killing time its just singing the true song of your soul.

i'm eighteen years old, i'm slightly nearsighted, i like to wear stripes, i hate the way certain words sound and i would like to sing for you, if you like these, feel free to burn them to cds for your own private pleasure or order official copies ($1 each) from legend trip music.

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legend trip music good friday's label. order cds for $1 each here.
Band History:
i'm alive
Favorite spot?
on the road.

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