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play hi-fi  Voodoo Smile - Tim ft FC
play hi-fi  Seethala sanda wathura Cold moon water
play hi-fi  Nidahase arunella
play hi-fi  Malsara heenaya
play hi-fi  Karma-AurimasdVsFusionCrew
play hi-fi  Ei lanwune
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play hi-fi  Sulan kirilliyek
play hi-fi  Diya naalaa
play hi-fi  E giya
We are specialized in 'blow your mind with music'. We look at the world in a different way and try to express our feelings through music in a unique style. FusionCrew is good with mixing different genres into our music and come up with something different. Most of the time its a mix of Classical, Dance, Electro, Hip hop and R&B. Contact us any time, when you need some mind blowing music for your voice.
Why this name?
We are a crew of young artists who mix different genres into a single track and come up with something new and different.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mp3+internet changed the music industry a lot. We learned everything about the technical side of the music via the internet. And MP3 helped a lot to publish our music by letting exchange songs easily via internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Still no
Your influences?
Our music is often a fusion of Classical/folk/Electro and Dance. We are influenced by A.R Rehman, Yanni, Enigma, Fat boy slim and prodigy.
Favorite spot?
Anuradhapura - Sri Lanka.
Equipment used:
Computer + software
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